Fumble Through is an RPG podcast created by a party of leading industry experts, comedians and combat tacticians. Created amongst the plagued apocalyptic remnants of 2020 as an outlet for stress boredom and pent up creativity. Join these five geeks on this adventure and hopefully many more!






Lindsey Sluyter


A new father and all round nerd, Lindsey started his rise to Geekdom at an early age watching his father play Pools of Radiance on his old AT DOS box. This led him on wondrous adventures through fantasy movies, novels and computer games. his First foray in to Dungeon and Dragons was the 1998 game Baldur's Gate, he unfortunately was unable to experience actual tabletop role playing until he DM'd a game for his 30th birthday. it was another 2 years before he was able to play as a player and has never looked back since.






Brett Howe

Brett loves this game. The ability to create a character and put them through their paces on the fly with a bunch of similar players is an extraordinary way to live the life of another. When not playing pretend, Brett works in the Performing Arts as a producer, creator and advocate for arts and education.

“In a world of role playing gamers Brett is definitely one of them.” 

- PC Grammer

“A beautiful voice for radio, using every skill and technique I employed in Star Wars- A New Hope”

- David Prowse

“Definitely a Five Star player” 

- The Percentage Club

“Some would say that there are way better players of the game in the world but I can’t for the life of me think who would argue with that”  -Brett’s high school drama teacher






Justin Howe

Forged from the fires of deep suburbia with an imagination tempered by morning cartoons and kung fu films, Justin’s love of both fantasy and sci-fi was born at an early age. Having played various incarnations of role-playing games over the past decades he has learnt the hard way that the dice rarely roll in his favour. To this end, he has adopted the mantra that when all is not going the way it should - fumble through.






Luke Norman

Luke’s first foray into roleplaying was in his early teens with Middle Earth Roleplaying Game (MERP) which was a lot of fun. However in his small English town, the roleplaying community was even smaller so when It ceased, so did Luke’s interest. From there on it became mostly about tabletop gaming. Until some years later, he felt an irresistible pull to a faraway land. He found himself in Australia (with his young and growing family) finding a need to be part of a gathering of like-minded friends. This ultimately led to Luke infiltrating a ragtag band of miscreants who enjoy nothing more than to slay monsters and loot gold. Luke’s proudest achievement is that he has managed to do this without even reading a rule book…….not completely anyway! When Luke isn’t designing new characters or “accidentally” purchasing another set of dice he spends his time teaching high school science and sometimes maths......but never, ever English!