• Lindsey Sluyter

I hate Lawful Good players!

Lawful good is the most punishing alignment to play in games. With holy classes like Paladin and Cavaliers often requiring a Lawful Good alignment to be able to play this tends to lead to boring and stiff roleplaying (too easy).

Now don’t get me wrong the shining paragon of holy light has its place but there are a few slight changes you can make for a much more inclusive role-playing experience.

The Lawman

Lawful Good characters believe that an orderly, strong society with a well-organized government can work to make life better for the majority of the people. To ensure the quality of life, laws must be created and obeyed. Now taking this paragraph of the lawful good description can make a very fun to roleplay lawful good character. Crimes and punishments in a medieval world are not all fines and slaps on the wrist. Being homeless was a crime that would get you whipped and put in the stocks, Get caught stealing… cut off their hands! Suspect someone of a crime but can’t prove it… that's a foot roasting. Playing the lawman means enforcing these punishments even if you don’t enjoy it. This could also lead to some interesting roleplay moments with other party members of differing alignments. Next time you are playing a pally and see a small starving kid stealing a loaf of bread don’t forget to claim his 5 finger discount code.

The Reformist

The Reformist is perfect for those who want to play a pacifist/support role. Reformists believe it is good in everyone and everyone can be saved. One thing you do want to avoid as a reformist is trying to win over every bad guy you find. Having a party of mixed alignment of evil and good characters allows a lot of interesting roleplay without forcing the party to split. This works better if you have an evil player willing to put up with your efforts and play the long game rather than kill you outright.

The Kingsman

The Kingsman works a lot better with approval from your Dungeon Master but the Kingsman is basically a more naive version of the Lawman. Believing that the king or political leader he serves is infallible and knows best, the Kingsman is a DM’s best friend doing whatever that leader requests as he believes it is right and good and just.

So that's just three ways I think we can spice up the playing of Lawful Good alignments. Next time you want to play a Paladin don’t go the paragon of good go the brainwashed alter boy following a corrupt priest's

teachings or a cavalier enforcing the tough laws throughout the land.

Work hard, play harder and Fumble Through!


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