• Lindsey Sluyter

The Demon of Padaskar: A Flopsy Story

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

As always Flopsy knew he was in trouble well before the trouble landed. He just cared little for the consequences of his words. With so much time spent in the halls of the warrior initiates of the temple, surrounded by those who are as martial as he is learned, you would think he would know not to keep poking at the stupid monks. But poke he did, and bruises were often a resulting factor. Today was no different. And he didn’t mind. He just thought the trouble would come from somewhere else.

Hubert was second in charge of the young ones and used his power, both physical and rank, to bring all those under him into his bidding. Flopsy thought it amusing that those who he taught couldn’t understand the clumsy wielding of power this oversized buffoon attempted. They readily fell into step once one of them had caught a beating for disobedience. What a bunch of simpleton sheep they are. But not Flopsy. When Hubert would demand something of Flopsy, as if he had some authority over the Teifling, he would get enraged at Flopsys insolence. In truth, because of the standing of Teiflings in Padaskar, most thought him a second citizen, but Hubert more so than others. But Flopsy would laugh and make some remark or another that would enrage Hubert and then it was on.

“Yes Hubert, I would love to see it from your perspective, but I can't fit my head so far up my arse. Why don’t you go play with your little peons and leave me alone.”

Was today's inflammatory remark. But on this day, it wasn’t Hubert that retaliated, it was a new boy, Gendrik by name, that took the fight up, hoping to win the oversized colostomy bags favor. …

Flopsy, sitting under his favourite statue (some monk performing a stupid kata), book in hand cowl over his face didn’t see the young upstart come at him. He was too busy throwing shade at Hubert over his shoulder while reading his book. He knew that if Hubert was to come for him he would have enough time to ready his defences.


The boot of Gendriks left foot smacked Flopsy squarely across the ribs, driving the breath from him. With a practiced ease, while gasping for breath, Flopsy slid the bookmark into the book and placed it carefully beside him before sliding off the statue and to his feet. As he looked up, he took in the full measure of his assailant -almost as tall as Flopsy, but with considerable more weight behind him, Gendrik had started training at the temple because he had a natural talent for starting, and ending a fight. More than once Flopsy had felt that same foot kick him in the sides during one of the many beatings he received on his rare visits to the tavern or market. Gendrik was big, and clumsy and full of disdain. A disdain Flopsy was all too familiar with given his heritage. Gendrik was also slow- compared to the others who had been training here for many years. And that was how Flopsy knew he would win this contest. His quick foot, and quicker wit would see him prevail this day. But winning was not enough, he had to put such fear into this boy that neither he, nore any of his friends, would ever dare attack Flopsy again.

Gendrik laughed with the other initiates as Flopsy found his breath “Interesting that you (gasp) were able to take that foot (gasp) out of your mouth long enough to swing it (gasp) you club footed son of an Orges turd.”

And at that Gendrik turned red, spun on his foot and swung it out again at Flopsy. But this time Flopsy was ready. He ducked out of reach of the foot in mid-air, and with a word, surrounded them both in a globe of darkness. With an agility and silence born of many years of ducking a fist or foot or club or cart, Flopsy moved behind Gendrik and stood there silently.

“I’m blind” yelled Gendrik, and at that Flopsy was at his ear whispering

“Yes – I have this power over you oaf.” whispered Flopsy so no-one else could hear. “I am that which keeps grown men awake in the dead of night. I am the stories told to children to keep them from heading out after dark. I am the night and the darkness, the evil in the darkest part of your very soul. I am born of the foulest of beings and am here to look upon each of you and judge you. By my word does the lord of the underdark choose his victims, By my will do you live or die at his hand. By my favour do you take your next breath. I am the DAEMON OF PADASKAR and you will obey my very word.

Kneel and beg forgiveness now and I shall remove this blindness from you, and keep you from the dark lords grasp. Do not and suffer my wrath filthy carbunckle.”

And, as Flopsy felt Gendrik fall to his knees, he dropped the globe of darkness and the whole beginners class, as well as Hubert, saw Genrik fall to his knees and beg for his life from Flopsy, who just stood there with a shit eating grin plastered all over his face. And thus the Daemon of Padaskar was born.

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