• Lindsey Sluyter

The Story of The Nugget, Little Reg.

As the sun was rising Reg wiped the sweat from his brow. Had anyone one else been present the frustration would have clearly been seen on his face. He just couldn’t manage the last piece of the new Kata that he had last been shown by his master. As he stood, breathing heavily, trying to centre himself before he attempted it again he found himself reminiscing about how he had managed to get to this point in his life. He could not help but ponder at the convoluted path Irori had led him on.

Having watched many demonstrations at the temples, and displays of physical perfection of the monks passing through from Jalmeray, Reg had quickly decided that the family landscaping business was not going to be the life for him. When the time came Reg had declared to his family that he wished to train at the temples. This was met with much laughter by the family and calls of “you go right ahead my lad, we’ll see ya back here real soon”. Galvanised by his family’s lack of faith in him, Reg journeyed to Jalmeray to seek entry into one of the three houses of perfection. He felt confident that he could gain entry. However, the three monasteries, The Untwisting Iron, The Unfolding Wind and The Unblinking Flame each declined his request to enter. This had shocked him as the entry tests were said to be open to any and all. The reason each time had been on account of his race. Frustrated with this Reg then attempted to gain entry to one of the lesser monastic orders who unusually took those who fail to gain entry to the three main monastery’s. Yet again Reg was met with more closed doors on account of his race.

Frustrated and disheartened, Reg needed money and time to consider his options. Turning to the one other thing he knew, he sought work as a gardener. He managed to find employment at a modest family run landscaping business owned by a very kind human lady called Freya Grelden. Reg had decided that the best course of action would be to raise enough money to travel to other monasteries until he could find one that would accept him. After many weeks of working at the estate Reg quickly gained the respect of the family for his diligent work and eye for detail and was soon being treated as one of the family. In this time Freya had gradually teased Regs story from him. Unknown to Reg, Freya had been systematically testing him with regard to his courtesy, self-control, perseverance, integrity and indomitable spirit. When satisfied that Reg was suitable Freya offered Reg the chance to be her student. As it happened, Freya was herself a competent master of the arts and so Reg gladly took the offer of instruction, with the understanding that it would be in secret as to avoid any entanglement with whatever issue the monasteries seemed to have.

After months of training Reg moved from basic forms to more advanced principles. Freya was a strong advocate of “using what Irori had gifted us”. With that she taught Reg how to use his small stature as an advantage physically and psychologically “remember young one, the battle is often won or lost before the first strike”.

One morning on returning with a supply shipment Reg found the household in some disarray. Master Freya it seemed had unexpectedly left in the early hours of the morning. On a quick investigation other members of the house spoke of three monks visiting the Master, it seemed one from each of the houses of perfection. There had been a heated discussion with what seemed to be much concern for some issue, and then a request for the Master to leave at once.

Reg quickly packed a number of items and left to track down his Master, and it would start with a visit to the Houses of perfection……..

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