• Lindsey Sluyter

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Fumble Through Podcast

Thank you for joining us at the beginning of this great adventure, both for our characters and for us as players of this great game. It is our absolute pleasure to bring the first episode of this podcast to you. We hope you enjoy listening. Going public with this podcast puts this (sometimes closeted) hobby into the real world, and us right there with it. For us, that is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is a game we love, and we have worked hard to try and present it in a way that cracks a peek into how we have played it week on week for decades. As with all things we love, sharing it takes an act of courage akin to facing a dragon. But we are proud of our work and having made our will saves.

It has been quite the journey getting to this point and we wait with bated breath to hear your thoughts. There have been moments where we have needed to "Fumble Through" in the making of this podcast and it has been the people around us that we have helped us back on our feet. We would like to thank our families for allowing us the time and energy to create the podcast. We would like to thank our friends, especially those we have played with for years, for their support and advice. Without the years of gaming with them, we would not be the players we are today. And we would like to thank you, for taking a chance and stepping off on this journey with us.

We have put this out into the world because we think it will do some good. Maybe it will be a much-needed distraction? Maybe it will show you that you too can play make-believe? Maybe the journey these characters go on will mimic some of the challenges we all go on through life? But most of all we hope you have as much fun listening as we have had putting this together. Thank you. P.S. If you like what we do, please like, share, and promote the podcast to those you know.

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