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Wisdom 3: The Pondering of a Madman… Why Start a Podcast.

There are lots of great RPG podcasts out there- we listen to them, love them and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to experience others in the game, and to grow our own game through that. A huge shout out to all you guys who have gone to the trouble of recording and releasing -we are slowly understanding what you went through. It’s like that old joke … I was gonna write a book, but then I went to the shops and there were already heaps written.

So why think that I had something that I wanted to share with the world.

I knew it wasn’t the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game. I love rules and I love putting my mind to bending, breaking or working around the system at play. But that is a personal test, not one that I feel I need to share.

It wasn’t the comradeship. Again. That is a big reason I love playing the game. At the beginning of each game session we shoot the breeze and talk about work and family and movies, and TV and family and comics and family and all else that is on our mind. Sometimes we even talk about our family. For a bunch of middle aged dudes, this is a much required space. It is a modern day talking circle. The last has been tough on everyone, but at our extended table there has been some particularly horrid personal events, and without the “party” I think we might be more heavily scarred than we now are. This too is a personal space. I don’t think we could air much of those conversations publicly anyway.

So what was it????

For me, it was the chance to play. It was a chance to stretch that muscle that lets me `yes and” and go to places only our imagination can take us. And it was to show that this is possible and a good thing for all of us to do. That play is not just a thing for children, but absolutely for all of us. It is a thing of joy, and wonder. When we are in it…. properly deeply in it… time both stops and speeds up. A moment feels like a day and an hour of play fly's by. And when you share it...when you open yourself to the opportunities that exist in the exchange of ideas between two people then the power of the play is magnified tenfold. Sparks fly. Ideas are had and lost, and allowed to float away. You are as happy offering as receiving. And this is a space that we can all have more of in our lives. A space both of play and wonder, but also of listening and accepting.

In a world where we are shut at home- play becomes ultimately important.

In a world where more and more, there is a language of divisiveness and segregation, listening and accepting is a skill we can all have more of in our lives.

And it was for this reason the recording of this podcast went from a “want” to a “must”.

As Shakespeare said.. “The play's the thing”


Photo by Marc Schaefer on Unsplash

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